Illegal Auction


3/30/21 - 4/14/21


This spring, we are pleased to present our second unsanctioned sale of art representations. Welcome to Illegal Auction LOT 2 NFT sale.

In our second collection we have curated a selection of highly-valued NFTs of the recent past. None of them are originals. They are all knockoffs. But like the real fake Fendi how can you tell? What makes something original in digital spaces? All is perfectly replicable. Through this sale, you can buy a token of these real fake NFTs.

Once you purchase them, they will be tradable on NFT marketplaces such as Rarible, OpenSea, Nifty Gateway, and others.

In addition to a uniquely signed digital asset, you’re also buying your place in history as a participant in this communal experiment combining art, finance, perception, and value. The earlier the purchase, the more credibility your non-commodity offers. By using the ERC-721 protocol, discerning collectors are offered the opportunity to demonstrate not only their capital commitment but their technical and cultural acumen. Secure your place in semiotic history now.